The voters have spoken. I won a top two birth in Minnehaha County (7 precincts) but took 4th place in Lincoln County (2 princints)—yielding a combined District 12 vote total (4,350) that placed me in 3rd place among 4 candidates. So, in short, I LOST. You can see the results here.

I am ever so grateful to all of you for your support, resources, volunteer time, and good energy. We ran a solid, comprehensive campaign. We raised enough money to pay the bills. We contacted every registered voter more than once via one method or another of communication. I have no regrets!

Those elected will face many difficult challenges in the next two years. I have called the winners to congratulate them and wish them the very best as they confront the challenges.

Meanwhile, thanks again for your support. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Warm regards,

Susan Randall